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We cannot continue living with a system that supports billionaires at the expense of human rights.

We cannot have democracy within an oligarchy.

We cannot have prosperity and peace while we continue to invest in mass incarceration and endless war.

We cannot achieve justice within a deeply broken criminal justice system.

We cannot ignore racial and gender inequities and discrimination, and expect to achieve equality.

We cannot live in a world of compassion yet continue to allow people to die from a lack of access to basic human needs.

We cannot expect a future of clean air and water and remain dependent on fossil fuels.

We cannot maintain freedom of the press while violently silencing whistleblowers who have exposed human rights abuses, war crimes and corruption by our government.

We cannot have a world where supremacy and solidarity co-exist.



We need to fundamentally transform our economic and political system away from supremacy to solidarity, one which always, without exception, puts the interests of people and planet over that of profit. We can no longer measure our success in terms of material goods, capital, corporate profits, GDP, the number of billionaires, the stock market, or the size and might of our military or nuclear arsenal. Instead, we must measure our success by the metrics of equality, justice, human rights, health, happiness and peace.


Taking Money out of Politics

Dark money in politics is the single greatest threat to democracy, equality, justice, human rights, the health of our planet and world peace. Getting money out of politics is the single most powerful way for us to achieve all of our policy goals.

We will overturn Citizens United, abolish super PACs, restore the Voting Rights Act, support publicly funded elections and RCV, re-enfranchise the vote for individuals who have lost it due to a felony conviction, secure automatic voter registration for every American over 18, end voter suppression and gerrymandering, make Election Day a National Holiday, and ensure the security and integrity of our voting system.


Government for the PEOPLE     


We will reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act, reform credit rating agencies, cap credit card interest rates and ATM fees, support Postal banking, and audit the Federal Reserve.

We will make billionaires and corporations pay their fair share in taxes. We will pass the For the 99.8 Percent Act, the Corporate Tax Dodging Prevention Act, the Inclusive Prosperity Act, end special tax breaks for capital gains and dividends for the 1%, increase the marginal tax rate to 70% on individuals with income above 10 million dollars, and close tax loopholes.


Clear air and water

We will guarantee a healthy planet for all with a Green New Deal

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And The Water Act and Reinstating the Civilian Conservation Corps.


Healthcare for All

We will guarantee Healthcare for All through single-payer Medicare for All:

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and The Medicare Drug Price Negotiation Act and Affordable and Safe Prescription Drug Importation Act.


Education for All

We will guarantee Education for All with the Thurgood Marshall Plan for Public Education and Educators:

And The College for All Act:

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We will also cancel student loan debt.


Justice for All

We will guarantee Justice for All with comprehensive criminal justice reform. We will ban private prisons; end cash bail, profiteering in the prison system, the war on drugs, and the criminalization of addiction and sex work. We will legalize cannabis federally, and abolish the death penalty:

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Equality for All

We will guarantee Equality for All with a guarantee to affordable housing, universal childcare, and the Social Security Caregiver Credit Act. We will fully fund Planned Parenthood and pass Titles IX and X, reauthorize the Violence against Women Act, pass the Equal Rights Amendment, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and the Every Child Deserves a Family Act.

We will guarantee Jobs for All by investing in fair trade and local economies. We will pass The Workplace Democracy Act:

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and the Paycheck Fairness Act, a $15/hour minimum federal wage.

We will revitalize rural communities:

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Security for All

We will guarantee Security for All with comprehensive immigration reform. We will expand DACA and DAPA, abolish ICE, dismantle inhumane detention centers and deportation policies, end family separation, and reform police departments.

We will expand the VA and VA’s caregivers program, SNAP, WIC, Social Security, the Older Americans Act and the Commodity Supplemental Food Program.

We will also pass gun safety legislation. We will expand background checks, close the gun show loophole, ban assault weapons and high capacity ammunition magazines:

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Peace for All

We will guarantee Peace for All with a foreign policy rooted in international law, human rights, environmental protection, diplomacy and peace. We will restore economic power to the people of Puerto Rico and provide them with help to repair the damages from Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

We will honor Native American Tribal Treaty Rights and sovereignty.



From now until March 17th, 2020, I will be doing everything I can to help Bernie Sanders win the democratic nomination for President.

But I need your help to win the Democratic Primary for US Senate so I can cast your vote for policies of solidarity - united we stand, divided we fall -

A Clean Planet for All,

Healthcare for All,

Equality for All,

Justice for All,

Education for All,

Jobs for All,

Security for All,

Peace for All.

With your support, we can elect Marilyn Jordan Lawlor as Ilinois’ U. S. Senator

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